Whereas many business owners are solely in business for the money, for Shairon Taylor

(now Mrs. Shairon Parks), it’s about much more. It’s ministry.

             Affectionately known as “The Oily Editor” to many, her uniquely designed business allows
her to operate in her God-given passion: the art of refinement. Whether she’s working diligently to

perfect manuscripts through her editing and proofreading services, or helping clientele incorporate

natural protocols into their daily regimen using doTERRA essential oils, Shairon strategically

removes impurities or unwanted elements from everything she puts her hands to.

            While some spend a lifetime trying to unlock the gifts within, she is committed to

maximizing her gifts on this side of heaven. Realizing her love for the journalistic arts in both

middle school and high school, Shairon wasn’t just an avid reader of literary fiction.

Shairon jumped full speed ahead on the creative writing train, submitting prose and poetry to her

high school magazine for publication. During her studies at Wayne State University, which is

where she earned her B.A. in Journalism from, she was also fortunate to intern at

WJBK Fox 2 News and WDRJ AM 1440 radio, where she still works today. Even though many

are familiar with her work behind the scenes, she’s even had the esteemed honor to complete

some voiceover work for various radio broadcasts and commercials.

            It was her gift of both writing and editing that led to SLT Inspirations, LLC, where she

incorporates her love for editing, essential oils and natural health under the umbrella of

refinement. When her eldest sister became terminally ill, she knew she had no choice but to seek

a natural route. Despite her sister’s passing in 2014, Shairon remains devoted to being a wellness

advocate, offering clientele new hope and an educated outlook on their health and lifestyle. A doTERRA Wellness Advocate for more than two years, she shares the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world—which is proof that she’s more than earned her name as “The Oily Editor.”

            When she’s not enhancing others’ manuscripts, she’s penning her own literary masterpieces, including her debut book,
Gathering the Fragments, which was released in January 2019. With a multifaceted mission to inspire, refine and polish, you can find her
“slangin' both red ink and essential oils” on any given day.   

            For more information or booking, email inspireslt.SLT@gmail.com

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