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Resume of SLT LLC

Published works edited by Shairon Taylor, SLT Inspirations LLC

Daddy, Can You Hear Me? by DeLisa Barnes (co-editor)

Dying on the Inside, Smiling on the Outside by Evelyn D. Murphy (editor)

After The Alter by Mary L. Hemmingway (editor)

100 Words of Encouragement II: Driven to Dream by Tenita Johnson (co-editor)

Father or Pimp The Organic Gospel by Dwaine Duncan II (editor)

Grammatically Incorrect: When Commas Save Your Sentences & Your Reputation by Tenita Johnson (co-editor)

Diary of a Preacher’s Daughter by Sheri Williams (editor)

When The Smoke Clears by Tenita Johnson (proofreader/minor editing)

No Cure, No Treatment: How my brother braved through Adrenoleukodystrophy with a smile
by Ima Gordon (editor)

I UNDERSTAND YOU by Manson McCann (editor)


© SLT Inspirations LLC
© SLT Inspirations LLC
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