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Shairon has been providing editing services for Claire Aldin Publications and many of our publishing clients for a number of years. She is always the consummate professional and quite detail-oriented. Shairon is the first stop in allowing me to turn manuscripts into masterpieces! 


Dr. De’Andrea Matthews

Founder and CEO

Claire Aldin Publications, LLC

Working with Shairon Parks has been such a wonderful experience. I hired her as my editor for my very first book, “She Gets Dirty She Just Doesn't Stay Dirty.” I was nervous. This book was my baby. I'm not even sure I trusted myself with it; yet, I had to place it in the hands of someone I didn't know.


Shairon did such an amazing job at turning my rough manuscript into a beautiful book that told a story that many women can relate to for years to come. She didn't change my voice; she made my voice stronger. She didn't change my story; she made my story mean something. I trusted her with something precious and she treated it as such. Her gift for editing is unmatched. I brag on her often.


I recommend her because I trust her so much. Because I trusted her with my own work, I've asked her to be a part of my new publishing company to help me bring out the voices of my clients. I respect her work ethic. She's always encouraging, and she keeps my vision alive. She's a woman of grace and integrity. She speaks life with her wisdom. I look forward to working with her as I continue writing books and growing my own businesses.

India La’Terica Trawick

Author and Owner/Founder

La’Terica Ink Publishing LLC

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