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The Oily Editor

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Editing and essential oils are the crux of SLTLLC.  Although an interesting combination, the two often overlap within the life of its CEO and Founder, Shairon L. Parks, "The Oily Editor."  

Our heart concerning EDITING
SLTLLC desires to refine the written works of emerging authors to enlighten the community and solidify their brand in the marketplace.  There are visions and words of wisdom in desperate need to be shared, and #theoilyeditor will help the visionaries refine their vision so eloquently, the recipient will receive their written works with clarity, ease and a receptive mindset.

Our heart concerning ESSENTIAL OILS
Managing health and wellness naturally is another passion of our CEO.  If Shairon is not editing or sharing God’s Word, she is educating the community on the power of essential oils, which often overlaps – ministry and essential oils, that is. 
Shairon is an independent wellness advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils.  As a doTERRA consumer since 2013, Shairon have witnessed a significant change in her health and is a fervent believer in the product. SLTLLC’s mission is to bring awareness of a natural, God-design method to improving our way of living and way of life.
As of March 2020, Shairon is a doTERRA Certified Essential Oil Specialist. 


"My passion is for the art of REFINEMENT. I am inspired to refine visions through editing, refine health and wellness through essential oils. Hence, The Oily Editor."

You can join Shairon on the "oily journey" by clicking on the button below!

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