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Why Hire An Editor?

Just as you need flour, eggs, oil, water and other ingredients to successfully bake a cake, you need an editor as part of the process to complete your book before it heads to the publishing house. If you miss a step or eliminate an essential ingredient, it can terribly alter the entire mission. Simply put!

We are humans, subject to error. As a writer, your thoughts are already at full speed and are all over the place; your eyes are probably crossing up at the monitor or at the paper you’re writing on. You’re tired. Editing and proofreading your own book is NOT enough. The spell check/grammar feature on your word processing program is simply NOT enough. Having a professional editor to review your book is essential to the process. A professional editor will catch those errors YOU overlooked. Do not attempt to cut costs by avoiding the proper editorial services because it could cost you something later! The last thing you want to see is bad customer reviews published on because of the multitude of spelling and grammatical errors your eyes did not catch. Once those customer reviews are published, that’s it!

Get ready for the possibility of a reputation RUINED. 

What about the writers who are also editors? Guess what? Editors need an editor, too!  Why?

Because the editor is operating and flowing as a writer, not as an editor. You want your books, letters, essays, etc. to look and sound good! Sometimes, writers get their thoughts out in a rough manner. An editor will not only catch the errors, but will take sentences and paragraphs, rearrange them to make words flow with a rhythm your readers can vibe with and yet, keep your voice! This is why you should hire SLT LLC!

Our mission and greatest aspiration is to REFINE one’s work to exude nothing but excellence and rhythm. From fiction novels to personal statements for graduate school entry, SLT LLC will take your vision, scour your text with a fine-tooth comb, and relinquish a perfectly, polished piece back to you. Where a sentence lacks rhythm, SLT LLC will modify the tempo. We restructure and revise without cutting into the voice, content and context of your prose.

We are passionate about refining your product into the essence of literary brilliance that’s

eloquent in word, yet easy to read with a flawless pulse. That’s our greatest INSPIRATION!

Invest in yourself. Save your name and your book, and hire an editor.

© SLT Inspirations LLC
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